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College Students Share Money Stretching Secrets

Our recent essay contest challenged college students to share their best money tips that could help them survive college life. We received many creative suggestions from dozens of students, but in the end these entries stood out from the crowd. Check out the top money-saving tips that our winners had to share!

Graduate Early
Deja S. recommends earning college credit while in high school in order to graduate faster and save on college tuition.

“The best plan of action for me to save money while in college is to actually be in college for as little time as possible. This may sound odd, but the money I would save in graduating early is beyond compare," Deja S.

Save First, Spend Later
Nathaniel C. plans to make saving for emergencies a top priority, building a safety net that can help prevent a buildup of debt. 

“This money should be automatically transferred into a savings account. These funds will build a safety fund to provide a sturdy shelter protecting against financial storms," Nathan C.

Pinch Every Penny
Elizabeth F. keeps a close watch on her spending and always has an eye out for sales and money-saving discounts on daily essentials.

“I only get what I absolutely need, unless I can get things like toiletries and nonperishables for super cheap to save some dollars for next month!" Elizabeth F.

Make Friends
Richard D. recommends saving money by rooming with friends and building positive relationships.

“Several thousand dollars can be saved annually by networking with fellow prospective students to find roommates willing to take advantage of multi-person dorms that are generally less expensive. Effective networking can place me with roommates who share similar values and spending habits so that I am living in an environment that understands my budget constraints," Richard D.

Learn a Lot
Olivia S. is a proud WPCU member who was quick to share the resources at WPCU that she values most.

“Between using the TrueSaver® and Money Market savings accounts over the past few years, I have been able to save enough money to where I'm currently loan free! My goal for the next three years of my undergrad degree is to continue to utilize WPCU's unique saving accounts and other services like the coin machine, mobile app, EasySaver® change roundup etc. to save and earn interest off my money to pay my tuition in full each semester!" Olivia S.

How are you preparing your finances for college life? Are you looking for a little extra help? When it comes to getting to, through and beyond the smart way, WPCU is here! From smart spending, saving for college-related expenses, to filling the tuition​ gaps that aid and savings may leave behind, WPCU is pleased to offer student solutions to help, including our:

  • Totally Fair®  Checking with no minimum balance requirements
  • TrueSaver® and Money Market Savings Accounts
  • Undergraduate Line of Credit
  • Graduate Business Line of Credit
  • Refinance Student Loan
  • Personal Signature Loan
  • Educational Resources​

To learn more about our student loan products and how they can help you pay for school, visit