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¹​APY = Annual Percentage Yield

**To earn the higher rate on your first $500.00 in your TrueSaver, you must have an active checking account - one in which at least 4 qualifying transactions per month are made, including online bill pay transactions, ACH deposits and withdrawals, debit card transactions, point of sale transactions, and cleared drafts.

The TrueSaver is a variable rate account. The dividend rate and APY may change after the account is open. $5 minimum deposit required to open a TrueSaver account. Primary member must not be delinquent on any WPCU loan obligation, have any negative balance in any WPCU share account, or have caused WPCU a financial loss of any kind. 

The applicable dividend rate is paid monthly in a Tiered Method, based on the average daily balance in the account for the dividend period. Example: As of February 1, 2019 based on an average daily balance of $1,000.00, a dividend rate of 5.84% will be paid only on the portion of the average daily balance that was greater than $0.00 but less than $500.01. The annual percentage yield (APY) for this tier would be 6.00%. As of February 1, 2019 a dividend rate of 0.15% will be paid on the portion of the average daily balance that is $500.01 to $1,000.00, with a combined APY of 3.07%. The actual APY paid to the share will vary depending on the average daily balance in the share for the dividend period. The applicable dividend rate for non-qualifying TrueSaver shares is paid on the entire balance of your account. To qualify for TrueSaver dividends, the primary member on the account must provide WPCU with a social security number/taxpayer identification number. For accounts where the primary member is 18 years of age or older, the account must have either direct deposit or e-Statement, and have an active checking account. An active checking account is one that has a minimum of four (4) qualifying transactions per dividend period. Qualifying transactions include Bill Pay, ACH debit/credit, Debit Card, POS and cleared drafts.

Dividends are compounded and credited monthly; the dividend declaration date is the last day of the period on the last day of each month. If you close your account before dividends are credited, you will not receive accrued dividends. 

Dividends are paid from current income and available earning after required transfers to reserves at the end of a dividend period. Dividends are based on the Credit Union's earning at the end of a dividend period and cannot be guaranteed.