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Top Tips for Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

​If you're like many people, you had good intentions to get all your holiday shopping done early this year. But now it's crunch time, and you still have things left on your list. We've all been there — life gets busy this time of year!

If this sounds like you, don't worry. Read on for a few tips to help you complete all your last-minute holiday shopping:

Look for last-minute deals

Big sale days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have come and gone, but some stores are still offering last-minute deals leading up to the holidays. Check out the websites or apps of your favorite retailers to look for coupons, discounts and special offers. With a little research, you can track down budget-friendly gifts and cross off your entire shopping list while keeping more money in your pocket!

Shop smart online

Online shopping is a great way to score last-minute gifts without visiting multiple stores. However, the pressure to find a gift quickly can cause some shoppers to make common cybersecurity mistakes. Here are a few reminders:

  • Know where you're shopping. Only buy from online retailers you know and trust.
  • Use secure Wi-Fi. Free, public Wi-Fi can put your personal and financial data at risk. Shop at home or use a private connection to shop online.
  • Use a credit card, not your debit card. Credit cards offer greater fraud and purchase protection than debit cards, making them a safer choice for online shopping.
  • Beware of offers that seem too good to be true. Scammers will often use the appeal of deeply discounted products to trick their victims into visiting phony websites. Don't rush into making a purchase, and always think before you click on the links in an email or social media post.

Choose in-store pickup

If shipping deadlines have passed or last-minute delivery fees are too pricey, there's no need to panic. Many stores offer free in-store or curbside pickup so you can get your items quickly and easily. However, if your package doesn't arrive in time, one trick is to wrap a printed photo of the gift. This way, your loved one still has a surprise to open!

Keep track of all gifts

To stay organized and make sure no one is forgotten on your list, it's a good idea to write down everything you buy this holiday season. You could use a notebook, spreadsheet or digital tool like Wright-Patt Credit Union's Money Management to keep track of gifts and stay on top of your spending. This is also a great way to avoid impulse purchases, which can be all too easy to make during the holiday season!

Enjoy the Holidays with Less Financial Stress!

As you can see, last-minute holiday shopping doesn't have to stretch your budget! With these tips, you can shop smarter and focus on what matters most: celebrating with family, friends and loved ones.

P.S. After all the gifts are unwrapped and the decorations are put away, it's a great time to start planning ahead for the 2022 holiday season! Creating a holiday budget and setting aside money throughout the year will help you avoid the hassle and financial stress of last-minute shopping.

At Wright-Patt Credit Union, we want to help you achieve greater financial flexibility and freedom, no matter where you are in your financial journey. Let us help you build a holiday budget and set up a high-yield savings account so you can start saving for seasonal expenses today!

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