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Tips to Protect Yourself from Fraud

Here are some helpful tips to make sure you're protected:

  • Beware of phone scams. DO NOT ever provide personal information about financial accounts such as account numbers, passwords, Social Security numbers, etc. over the phone or online unless you initially contacted the financial institution.
  • Watch out for scam emails that look like they come from Wright Patt Credit Union. If the email asks you to enter your account information, it's a scam!
  • Don't click any links or reply to any messages unless the email is from a known sender. Remember to verify the web address.
  • If you receive an unprofessional or copied message claiming to be from WPCU or another financial institution, contact WPCU or your other financial institution directly at a known phone number to verify the message is real.  
  • Out-of-State? Use Your 4-Digit PIN When Making Purchases With Your Debit Card


  • Ask you to update your computer with newer releases of software or latest versions of browsers via email or text message unless you have contacted WPCU.
  • Contact you via​ email, phone, or text asking you to log in and update/validate your credentials.
  • Send emails that directly link to Home Banking or provide links to websites to authenticate your information.
  • Ask you to respond to an email, chat box, or pop up message with your personal account information.
  • Ask you to provide personal account information because of a threat to close or suspend your account if you don't take action immediately.

To learn more about how you can protect yourself, visit our Fraud Education and Prevention page. Also, if you suspect fraudulent activity on your account, call us immediately at (937) 912-7000 or (800) 762-0047, or visit your closest Member Center​.