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Select Employer Group Success Story: African American Male Wellness Agency

​Wright-Patt Credit Union's (WPCU) Select Employer Group program is committed to making life a little easier for local organizations and their employees. We've had the privilege of partnering with organizations across Central Ohio, providing them with the no-cost benefit of credit union membership for their employees, as well as free financial learning and wellness programs. 

We're especially honored to partner with Select Employer Group businesses making an impact in the lives of others, such as the African American Male Wellness Agency. Founded in Columbus in 2004, the African American Male Wellness Agency has taken a stance to reduce disparities in premature death and chronic diseases among African American males by providing over 4,000 free health screenings yearly and innovative health education programs in more than 16 major cities nationwide. Over the past five years, the organization has expanded to include not only health and wellness, but also fatherhood, financial wellness, mental health, mentorship and research as part of its core initiatives.

The African American Male Wellness Agency's focus on promoting financial health and wellness among African American males parallels WPCU's dedication to helping people achieve greater financial flexibility and freedom. As a Select Employer Group, the African American Male Wellness Agency offers WPCU's membership benefits and financial education resources to its employees, helping them save better, borrow smarter and learn a lot as they work toward their financial goals. Wright-Patt Credit Union is also proud to present as the title sponsor at the Agency's Financial Wellness Summit in October at Columbus State Community College, providing free financial education and resources to enhance the overall financial wellness of attendees.

“As a Select Employer Group, the African American Male Wellness Agency is thankful for our amazing partnership with Wright-Patt Credit Union," said Marlon Platt, Executive Director of the African American Male Wellness Agency. “Their commitment to the work that we do as an agency has been nothing short of amazing."

“The WPCU team has provided a wealth of information and resources to the communities we serve," added Platt. “They are a perfect example of what a great community partner should be."

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of becoming a WPCU Select Employer Group? Get in touch with our team of Columbus Business Development Representatives today!