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Scam Alert: Scammers Call Members Using Fraud Fear to Steal Account Information

Fraudsters are tricking members into giving out their Call-24 (phone banking) information. Don't be fooled! Wright-Patt Credit Union (WPCU) will not ask you for PIN codes, passwords or other account information!

The scammers typically claim they are calling to verify a large recent transaction. They will ask for your Call-24 information to confirm your identity. Many members, relieved that the alleged fraud has been detected, give up this important piece of information.

Again, do not share Call-24 (phone banking) information or any personal or account information via phone, text, or email.

Having access to a member's phone banking information allows scammers to access a member's recent account activity. They then use this to further validate that they are from WPCU and will be emboldened to ask additional account information, such as partial debit card or credit card numbers (usually the last 8 digits). NEVER GIVE THIS OUT THIS INFORMATION.

Once the scammers these various pieces of information, they have access to your account and can use it to make fraudulent purchases.

Be assured that WPCU monitors your accounts for fraudulent activity. However, we will NEVER call, text or email out of the blue asking for:

  • online login information (Call 24 PIN number)
  • passwords
  • PIN codes
  • CVC codes
  • full or partial account numbers,
  • social security number or other personal info

No matter how urgent, credible or convincing they sound, do NOT give out this information.

If you receive a call claiming to be from Wright-Patt Credit Union, and they ask you for your phone banking ID or any other account or personal information STOP, HANG UP & CALL US TO VALIDATE!

Also remember, true WPCU representatives will NEVER try to persuade you NOT to call us back to confirm, and will in fact, encourage you to do so.

Don't Fall for Fraud!

If you ever have any questions about a call, text or email claiming to be from WPCU asking for any account or personal information, don't hesitate to call us directly at (937) 912-7000 or (800) 762-0047 to confirm or validate.