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Receiving Your Tax Refund via Direct Deposit

​The fastest way to receive your tax refund is by having the IRS send it to your WPCU account via direct deposit. However, it’s important you or your tax preparer provide and verify your correct account information and routing number on your tax return each year to ensure your refund is deposited to your account correctly.

Account Number​​

You can have your refund deposited into your checking, TrueSaver®, or money market account. When completing your tax return, be sure to provide your correct 13-digit MICR account number in the following format:

MICR account number example: 1900001234567
[1] — 1=Share
[90] — Specific Share ID (i.e., TrueSaver, checking, or money market - in the example, 90 is used to represent a checking account)
[0001234567] — WPCU account number (can be found on your WPCU membership card) with leading zeros – 10 digits total.

You can also find your full 13-digit MICR account number in Online or Mobile Banking by clicking on the applicable account, (i.e., TrueSaver, checking, or money market) and then clicking on “Account Details” or “Details” or by requesting a Verification of Account Number letter by calling our Member Help Center at (800) 762-0047.

ImportantDo not use your 16-digit debit or credit card number. WPCU will not be able to process your refund if this number is used.

Routing Number

You will also need to provide the routing number for your tax refund direct deposit. WPCU's nine-digit routing number is 242279408

​​Thank you for helping to make sure WPCU is able to deposit your tax refund into your account.