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Prevent ATM Fraud with these 3 Security Tips

Using an ATM is a quick and convenient way to withdraw and deposit money. Unfortunately, this also means ATMs are targeted for fraud attacks. As technology advances, scammers are using more sophisticated tactics to steal card data from unsuspecting ATM users.

To help protect yourself from ATM fraud, follow these security tips:

#1: Inspect the ATM

One way identity thieves steal debit or credit card information is by installing “skimmer" technology and cameras on ATMs. These devices are cleverly disguised to blend in with the ATM. To check for signs of tampering, try wiggling the card slot and keypad. Do they appear loose? If anything seems suspicious, don't use the ATM. Call the financial institution that operates the ATM to notify them of the problem.

#2: Protect your PIN

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a security code that protects your financial accounts. Just like a password, your PIN should be kept secret to prevent unauthorized access. Memorize your PIN; don't keep it in your wallet or write it on your debit card. When you enter your PIN at an ATM, cover the keypad with your other hand. If a scammer has installed hidden cameras on the ATM, covering the keypad will prevent prying eyes from seeing what you type.

#3: Keep an eye on your accounts

Make sure to monitor your financial accounts regularly to check for fraudulent activity. Keep your ATM receipts and compare them against your account. Consider setting up automatic text or email notifications to alert you whenever your account is charged. This way, you will know immediately if an unauthorized purchase or withdrawal occurs.

What to do if you're a victim of ATM fraud

If your account security is compromised in any way, it's important to act fast. Notify your financial institution right away if you suspect fraud or unusual account activity. The sooner you identify and report fraud, the sooner you can get help securing your accounts and resolving the situation.

Wright-Patt Credit Union is here to help you protect your personal and financial information from fraud. Looking for more helpful fraud prevention tips, tools and resources? Visit our Fraud Education and Awareness page.