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Maintaining Your Credit

​Maintaining a healthy credit score is a lifelong journey — and it’s worth it! Continue putting smart borrowing and credit management habits into practice to keep your credit score in good standing over time.

Once you’ve established a healthy credit score, keep these tips in mind to continue borrowing smarter and maintain your good credit.

Make it easier to stay on top of payments
Payment history is the most influential factor for your credit score, so it’s important to continue paying your bills on time. To stay organized, consider signing up for electronic text or email alerts to remind you of upcoming due dates. Another tip is to schedule automatic bill payments to help you avoid late or missing payments. This is quick and easy to do through WPCU’s Mobile and Online Banking!

Use your good credit to your advantage
Having a healthy credit score offers big benefits, including more favorable rates and terms from lenders. You may also be able to negotiate better car insurance rates and qualify for certain credit cards that offer lower rates or cash-back rewards.

Use your good credit responsibly by only borrowing what you need and making a plan to pay it back. With the money you save on interest payments and fees, you could boost other important financial goals such as saving for retirement or your child’s college fund.

Monitor your credit reports
An error on your credit report could lead to a drop in your credit score. Inaccurate information or unfamiliar accounts listed on your credit report could also be a red flag that you're a victim of identity theft or credit card fraud. Keeping a close eye on your credit report will help you spot these mistakes right away so you can dispute them and maintain your good score.

Keep your score strong over time!
You’ve worked hard to build a good credit score. Now, it’s important to keep it that way! For more tips, tools and resources to help you borrow smarter and maintain your credit, check out WPCU’s tools for reaching Financial Flexibility and Freedom or stop by your local Member Center to meet with one of our helpful Financial Coaches.