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Get Your Max Refund with TurboTax - and Save up to 10%

​​​Did you know your WPCU membership comes with TurboTax Benefits? With TurboTax, you can hand your taxes off to an expert, get expert help as you go, or do it yourself! There's no software to buy or install. Plus, you can save up to 10%! You'll get:

  • Every penny you deserve: TurboTax uncovers the latest deductions and credits
  • A head start: Data from your online WPCU account uploads automatically into your tax return
  • Your taxes done right: TurboTax guarantees 100% accuracy and your maximum refund or your money back

To access TurboTax and get your discount:

  • Mobile Banking: Navigate to the "More" menu, then sleect "Budgets & Planning" and choose "My TurboTax"
  • Online Banking: Hover over the "Budgets & Planning" tab and select "My TurboTax"

Be sure to use your full 13-digit MICR account number when filing for a direct deposit of your tax return in the following format: 

MICR account number example: 1900001234567
[1] — 1=Share
[90] — Specific Share ID (i.e., TrueSaver, checking, or money market - in the example, 90 is used to represent a checking account)
[0001234567] — WPCU account number (can be found on your WPCU membership card) with leading zeros – 10 digits total.

You can also find your full 13-digit MICR account number in Online or Mobile Banking by clicking on the applicable account and then clicking on “Account Details” or “Details”. Or, by requesting a Verification of Account Number letter by calling our Member Help Center at (800) 762-0047.​​