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Get Rewarded for Using Your Debit Card with New Debit Card Rewards Offers

​At Wright-Patt Credit Union (WPCU) we’re always looking for ways to help our members spend and manage their money wisely. A key part of building smart spending habits is being purposeful with purchases, which is why we’re excited to offer a new and enhanced way to earn cash back rewards for using your WPCU debit card. Introducing Debit Card Rewards Offers, now available within Mobile and Online Banking!

How does Debit Card Rewards Offers work?

Now with even more great offers at your fingertips, Debit Card Rewards Offers makes it easy to earn cash back on purchases from some of your favorite stores. Simply activate the offers that interest you, then use your WPCU debit card to make purchases in-store or online and receive rewards.* It’s yet another way WPCU is delivering more value to you!

What are the benefits of Debit Card Rewards Offers?

If you prefer to use your debit card for everyday spending, activating Debit Card Rewards Offers is a smart way to earn cash back on the purchases you’re already making. By putting more money back in your pocket, Debit Card Rewards Offers helps you ​spend and manage your money wisely, no matter where you are in your Financial Flexibility and Freedom® journey!

You can use the cash back you earn for anything, whether you choose to spend it, pay down debt or boost your savings goals.

How do I access Debit Card Rewards Offers?

We’ve made it quick and easy to access Debit Card Rewards Offers right within WPCU’s Mobile App or Online Banking. Simply log in to your account to sign up for Debit Card Rewards Offers and register your WPCU debit card. Now you can start activating offers and earning cash back rewards. It’s as easy as tap, spend, save!

  • Tap: Review and activate great offers from top brands, restaurants and more. Choose what interests you!
  • Spend: Make qualified reward purchases online or in-store using your debit card meeting offered terms.*​
  • Save: Receive cash back in your account.*

Start Spending Wisely Today with Debit Card Rewards Offers!

If you haven't already done so, enroll in WPCU's easy-to-use Mobile and Online Banking to access our new and enhanced Debit Card Rewards Offers on top of our other convenient Digital Services.

Not a WPCU member yet? Learn more online or visit your nearest Member Center to find out about the many benefits of becoming a member of Wright-Patt Credit Union!​

​*Once you have completed a Qualifying Purchase as defined in the applicable offers you activated, and completed the applicable service related to the Qualifying Purchase (e.g. completed hotel stay or flight), cash back earned will accrue through the Program and be deposited into your Account. Such cash back will accrue and be deposited into your Account within roughly 45-150 days after your purchase is completed.​​​