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Finding the Right Student Checking Account

​​​​When you're starting college or joining the working world, you'll need a place to deposit and access your money. It's time to open a checking account!

A checking account geared toward students and young adults is a great way to manage your day-to-day spending, pay bills and keep your money safe. However, not all student checking accounts are alike, so it's best to do your research.

Look for these key features when choosing a student checking account:

No hidden fees

If you're first starting out and trying to stretch your budget, the last thing you need is to pay extra monthly fees. Steer clear of checking accounts that charge monthly maintenance fees, minimum balance fees or deposit requirements. These fees could range from $1 to $20 per month!

Instead, choose a checking account that helps you keep more of your money with no monthly service fee or minimum balance requirements, like Totally Fair Checking® from Wright-Patt Credit Union (WPCU).

Convenient Mobile and Online Banking

Between work, classes, studying and social activities, life gets busy! Look for a student checking account that comes with free online banking services and a mobile app so you can manage your money on the go.

With WPCU's Mobile and Online Banking, you can access your account anytime, anywhere. Our mobile app makes it quick and easy to check your account balance, transfer funds and deposit checks using your smartphone. You can even use WPCU's Online Bill Pay to pay bills automatically and help avoid late fees on monthly bills like rent, utilities or your cell phone bill. 

Debit card

A checking account with a debit/ATM card allows you to make payments directly from your checking account so you don't have to carry cash. If you do need to withdraw or deposit cash, you can use the card to access a nearby ATM.

When you open a WPCU checking account, you'll receive a free chip debit/ATM card you can use around campus, around town or at over 40,000 lower-to-no-fee ATMs nationwide.

Budgeting tools

To get the most from your checking account, choose an account that comes with helpful tools for budgeting and planning.

For example, with WPCU's Mobile and Online Banking, you can access a variety of free digital services. Our student-friendly Money Management service is a great tool to help you create budgets, track your spending and set money goals.

Linked savings account

While a checking account is best for day-to-day spending, you'll also need a savings account to help you save money for the expected and unexpected moments! Look for a student checking account that you can link to a savings account. Being able to access your accounts in the same place will make it convenient to transfer funds between accounts.

You can open a WPCU TrueSaver® savings account with as little as $5, plus you'll earn our highest rate from the first penny in your account.

Get all the essentials with WPCU

WPCU's Student Essentials package makes it simple for students and young adults to manage their money and save for the future! If you're between the ages of 17 and 24, you can sign up for the Student Essentials Package, which includes our student-friendly checking account with a free ATM/Debit Card, TrueSaver® Savings Account and our EasySaver® Debit Card Round-Up Program (to help you save even if you're just getting started).

Join online or visit a Member Center to sign up today! Learn more about WPCU's checking account options here.