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Exciting Updates to Debit Card Rewards Offers

Debit Card Rewards Offers, available through WPCU's Mobile or Online Banking, makes it easy to earn cash back on everyday purchases from some of your favorite stores. Plus, Debit Card Rewards offers now features some new enhancements and offers – including national merchants! You'll be able to take advantage of offers from a wide range of well-known brands – including Kohl's, Sephora, Staples, Nike and more. 

To access and view available offers within Debit Card Rewards Offers, you'll log in to WPCU's Mobile or Online Banking and select “Debit Card Rewards Offers" under the Cards Center menu. With the addition of these new, national merchants, there are now 2 types of offers available within Debit Card Rewards Offers – “Card Linked" offers and “Click to Purchase" offers.​

  • "Card Linked" offers have a red card icon next to them and must be activated in order to use. You can activate the offer by selecting “ADD" – this links the offer to your debit card for use in store or online (as specified by the Purchase Conditions). Once you add the offer, the button will update to read “SHOP NOW" for easy access to shopping.​
  • “Click to Purchase" offers are automatically added to your offers, and purchases MUST be made via the “SHOP NOW" link to the right of the offer, using your debit card to complete the purchase.

To take advantage of either type of offer, be sure to read the Purchase Conditions available by clicking the merchant icon (mobile) or the “i" icon (desktop) on the left side of the listed offer. Cash back will be received in your checking account 45-150 days after successfully completing the purchase based on the Purchase Conditions.

Take advantage of Debit Card Rewards Offers today, available in WPCU's easy-to-use Mobile or Online Banking.

​*Once you have completed a Qualifying Purchase as defined in the applicable offers you activated, and completed the applicable service related to the Qualifying Purchase (e.g. completed hotel stay or flight), cash back earned will accrue through the Program and be deposited into your Account. Such cash back will accrue and be deposited into your Account within roughly 45-150 days after your purchase is completed.​​​