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Easy Ways to Save Money Every Day

​​When it comes to saving money, the key is to start small and stick with it. Over time, the little actions you take each day can have a big impact on your goals.

If you want to boost your savings, begin by making some small changes to your weekly spending routine. Just like any habit, saving money gets easier the more you do it!

Check out these simple steps you can take to save money every day of the week:

Brew coffee at home

Is buying a to-go cup of coffee part of your morning routine? Try brewing at home to save time and money! You can recreate many drinks at home by using quality coffee beans and flavored syrups.​​

Pack your lunch

You can easily save $25 a week by packing one or two lunches instead of going out to eat. Not only will you save money, but you're also more likely to make healthy eating choices when you bring your own lunches. Here's a tip: Prepare your lunches a few days in advance and store them in individual containers. This way, you can “grab and go" as you head off to work!

Practice the 48-hour rule

Thanks to online shopping, it's possible to make purchases with a single click. If you're not careful, this can lead to impulse buys that you might regret later. To cut back on extra online shopping, consider following the 48-hour rule. Instead of clicking “add to cart," take a step back and wait a full two days before making a decision. When you come back to the website, you may find that you didn't really want the item after all!

Designate a “Refrigerator Special Day"

Especially toward the end of a busy week, grabbing a quick bite could seem easy. Instead, stash that quick $25 dinner into your savings, and swap it for a Refrigerator Special Day. Turn your leftovers into a fun (and free) smorgasbord for the family. Pull everything out of the refrigerator from the week, and see what creative meals you can make out of what is left.

Find free (or lower-cost) entertainment

You don't need to limit your social life to cut back on entertainment expenses. There are many free digital entertainment options available from local vendors on social media right now. Instead of going out to eat, pack a picnic lunch and eat outside in a parking lot or a local park. Do your research and take advantage of any free or new opportunities available in your community.

Looking for more ways to save money throughout the week? Take the WPCU One Week Money Challenge! In as little as 10 minutes a day, you can improve your financial situation and keep more hard-earned money in your pocket. Email your completed Money Challenge form to​ — we'd love to hear about your experience!​