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Check Your Credit Score and More with My Credit Score!

​Your credit score is more than just a number; it plays a key role in determining your overall financial wellness! Your credit score can influence a number of areas in your day-to-day life, including:

  • Your ability to obtain credit (such as loans, credit cards and other lines of credit)
  • What credit terms you qualify for (such as interest rates, the amount of credit granted and the number of months allowed for repayment)
  • In some cases, your eligibility for certain jobs, apartment rentals or insurance coverage

When it comes to borrowing smarter, knowing your credit score — and taking steps to build and maintain it — can make all the difference. So, do you know your credit score? With My Credit Score, available through Wright-Patt Credit Union's (WPCU) Mobile and Online Banking, it's easy to check your credit score anytime, anywhere!

How Can My Credit Score Help You?

My Credit Score gives you instant access to your credit score, so you always know where you stand. But that's not all — in addition to free, real-time credit monitoring, My Credit Score can help you:

Understand what makes up your credit score

With My Credit Score, you get more than a snapshot of your current credit score. You'll also be able to see a comprehensive analysis to help you better understand your score — and what actions you could take to improve it!

Get helpful resources for improving your credit

My Credit Score also offers useful tools and resources to help you build and keep good credit and optimize your financial wellness. For example, check out the Score Simulator to see how certain actions might impact your score in the future. You'll also get access to educational articles on a variety of credit topics.

Take advantage of smart borrowing and financial wellness opportunities

​As part of My Credit Score, you'll receive recommended offers based on your personal score designed to help you borrow smarter and achieve greater financial flexibility and freedom. Examples of these money-saving opportunities may include consolidating debt, refinancing or reducing monthly payments.

​Access My Credit Score Today!

If you haven't already done so, enroll in WPCU's easy-to-use Mobile and Online Banking so you'll be able to access My Credit Score on top of our other convenient Digital Services.

Then, access My Credit Score from our WPCU Mobile App or from Online Banking:

  • WPCU Mobile App: Log in to the WPCU Mobile App. From the home screen, simply tap the More menu and then select My Credit Score
  • WPCU Online Banking: Once you log in to Online Banking, select Manage Money from the top navigation bar menu and then click on My Credit Score

For more information about My Credit Score, click here.