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Calling Our Partner-Employees in 2023

The phone number you use to directly dial many Wright-Patt Credit Union (WPCU) partner-employees will be changing on January 9th, 2023. At that time, you will need to dial our toll-free number, (800)-762-0047 and when prompted, a 4-digit extension. If you call from the 937-area code, dialing (937)-912-7000 and when prompted a 4-digit extension, will also be an option.

Assigning a 4-digit extension to our partner-employees will help safeguard against the spoofing of WPCU phone numbers and TDOS (Telephony Denial of Service) attacks. Spoofing occurs when someone uses a WPCU-owned telephone number to call our members to try to obtain Personal Financial Information. TDOS attacks occur when telephone lines become flooded with fake calls, keeping us from servicing phone calls from our members.

When this transition is completed, all calls from WPCU directly to you will display our toll-free number, (800)-762-0047.

All members that require assistance through our Member Help Center will continue to use our toll-free number, (800)-762-0047 – that will not change.

WPCU will continue to provide you with necessary information in the coming weeks to make this an easy transition.​