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Beat the Winter Blues with Budget-Friendly Activities

Chilly winter days are here! It's easy to feel a little restless and bored this time of year, but there are still plenty of fun things to do when it's cold outside. Best of all, many winter activities are budget-friendly, helping you save more money after the holiday season.

Beat the winter blues on a budget with one of these low or no-cost winter activities:

Get moving

When you're stuck indoors during the cold winter months, it's a little harder to stay active. The good news is that you don't have to join a gym to reap the rewards of exercise! There are many free online workout videos or mobile apps, from aerobics to kickboxing to yoga. If you don't have fitness equipment, you can always repurpose items from around your home to save money. For example, use soup cans as free weights or full water jugs as kettlebells. With a little creativity, you can set up an at-home gym that helps you stay active all winter long.

Find your green thumb

Without lush green lawns, trees and blooming flowers, winter can feel gray and gloomy. Get ready for springtime by starting an indoor garden! You could tend to fresh herbs like mint and basil and use them in your cooking later. Or, go for beginner-friendly succulent plants. Indoor plants are known to help improve air quality, reduce stress and provide mood-boosting benefits.

Create winter crafts

Art and craft projects are a wonderful way to pass the time and express your creativity during the winter months. Try knitting or crocheting, scrapbooking, candle-making, drawing or painting—the possibilities are endless! 

If you're looking for a side hustle, you could even try selling your creations online to earn a little extra income. Or, use your creations to give back to others. One idea is to send handmade cards to a nearby hospital or nursing home!

Enjoy the outdoors

Cold weather is here to stay, so why not embrace it? You could explore local hiking trails or spend the afternoon at an outdoor ice skating rink. If there's snow on the ground, try making a snowman or head to a nearby hill to go sledding. Just be sure to bundle up!

Cook or bake something new

During the winter, it's tempting to pick up your favorite comfort food or have it delivered instead of cooking at home. However, you can save money and create winter memories by making your own meals and treats! Cooking or baking as a family is a great way to teach kids skills like reading instructions, measuring and making healthy food choices. Make your winter cuisine extra fun by planning menus around a theme like camping, movie night or “round the world."

Budget for winter activities and more

These activities are even more fun when you know you're staying within your budget! Start by marking a calendar with all the activities you want to do and plan your family's spending ahead of time with a budgeting worksheet or spreadsheet. Then, use Wright-Patt Credit Union's (WPCU) free Money Management tool to track and categorize your purchases.

What are your favorite budget-friendly wintertime activities? Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter