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America Saves Week – Saving Better in 2022

Every year since 2007, America Saves Week has been celebrated by numerous financial institutions and partners across the US encouraging individuals to save better. Celebrate with us from February 21-25.

Saving better is just one way to help your journey to living financially flexible and free. We've compiled a few resources and tips to help you set your savings goals and create a plan to achieve them ultimately saving better in 2022.


Establishing Your Now, Soon, and Later Savings

Saving money is a lot easier when you break your savings goals into three categories: Now, Soon and Later.

Now Savings – helps provide a peace of mind for life's unexpected moments like:

    • Loss of income
    • Unexpected vehicle repairs
    • Doctor or Emergency Room Visits
    • Higher than expected bills (i.e. utilities, credit cards, etc.)
    • Sudden spikes in every day expenses (i.e. groceries)

Soon Savings – money you set aside for expenses you know are coming in the next few months, like: 

    • Back to school clothes and supplies shopping
    • Scheduled vehicle maintenance
    • Upcoming vacation or trip
    • Planned home renovations

Later Savings – funds to help your long-term goals and dreams, like:

    • College Tuition
    • Wedding and/or Honeymoon
    • New Home
    • New Vehicle

Paying Yourself First

Each pay period, set a certain dollar amount to transfer to your savings account. Setting up small, recurring transfers to occur on your paydays will help you build up your savings consistently and will add up quicker than you think!

Enrolling in a Digital Tool

WPCU offers several digital tools to help meet your savings goals. Try enrolling in Money Management within Mobile and Online Banking to set your savings goals, review trends in spending and savings, track your spending and savings, as well as create a ​budget to help meet your short to long-term goals. To learn more about Money Management, click here for an interactive demo or view our Money Management handout.

Whatever your savings goals are in 2022, WPCU is here to help! Stop by your local Member Center to sit down with a Financial Coach to help develop your savings plan that fits your long-term goals and dreams.

We also have several in-person and virtual events to help. Check out our Events Calendar to see if there is a class that fits into your schedule.

Lastly, our Education Center is jam packed with savings resources. Try online, self-paced interactive learning modules like “Savings Accounts" or explore our worksheets, videos, and more to help you achieve your savings goals.