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5 Mom-Approved Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day

Mother's Day is right around the corner! This special holiday — which falls on May 10th this year — is all about showing gratitude and appreciation for the mothers in our lives. Whether you celebrate near or far, here are some wonderful ways to let mom know how much you care:

  1. Make her favorite meal
    There's nothing better than a home-cooked meal, especially when it's made by someone you love. Take time to prepare one of mom's favorite dishes while she relaxes. If you're celebrating from afar, have a special meal or treat delivered right to her doorstep. You can even schedule a virtual lunch or dinner date using a video call app.
  2. Design a DIY bouquet
    Fancy bouquets and florist delivery fees can cost a bundle. To save money on flowers, try creating your own floral arrangement. Shop at a local grocery store or farmer's market to pick up fresh flowers at more affordable prices. Arrange them in a basket, vase or mason jar and add a ribbon for the finishing touch!
  3. Send a handmade card
    A heartfelt note is a perfect way to express appreciation for the special women in your life, and a handmade card makes it even better! Get the entire family involved making cards using supplies like colored paper, stickers, stamps and markers. Personalized cards are more meaningful than store-bought cards, plus you'll save money — around $5 per card!
  4. Film a family video
    Surprise mom with a personalized Mother's Day video! There are many apps you can use to put together a custom video or slideshow using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Ask friends and family members to send short video messages sharing their love and well wishes. Then, compile the video clips with favorite photos and music. You'll end up with a memorable gift that's free and completely one-of-a-kind! 

  5. Create a memory jar
    Memory jars are another easy yet thoughtful gift for Mother's Day. Take some time to write down memories, family traditions and funny stories or things you love about your mom. Write them down on small slips of paper, then place them in a glass jar. The idea is that every day, your mom will read one of the slips to remind her of a cherished memory!  

Happy Mother's Day! How are you planning on celebrating? Share with us on Facebook or Twitter!