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5 Ways to Be an Ally at Work

​​An ally is someone who is not a member of a specific group or audience, but who takes action to support that group. At work, in our communities, we can all be allies to one another. Here are 5 ways to be an ally to those around us.

  1. List​en
    Listen first to understand and connect with others - whether working one-on-one or in larger collaborative groups. Don't respond without really considering others' perspective, and don't project your own feelings on the individual sharing.
  2. Learn
    Respectfully ask questions with a spirit of curiosity and compassion of those whose experiences may be different from your own. Read articles/books or watch films about the history and current issues.
  3. Speak Out
    If you see something, say something! At some point, we've all experienced someone saying or doing things based on biases or stereotypes that could be offensive or unkind to others. If you witness this occur, be courageous and speak out about it.
  4. Reflect
    It's hard to know how best to act upon our thoughts unless we first take stock of our position in society and how we arrived at where we are. Just as importantly, recognize that the journey and experiences of others may be quite a bit different than your own.
  5. Amplify Others' Voices
    If you see an opportunity to actively include or engage others, use your voice to do so. If someone is constantly being interrupter or quiet in a meeting, acknowledge them and invite their perspective into the conversation.​