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3 Reasons to Enroll in eStatements

Do you receive paper statements in the mail each month that ultimately end up getting shredded or filed away? ​Wouldn't it be better to receive them sooner and be able to access them 24/7 without having to go through the filing cabinet? WPCU offers eStatements through Mobile and Online Banking. Here are three reasons why you should enroll today:

Access 24/7

Enrolling in eStatements allows you to access your statement securely online 24/7, 365 days of the year. Not only can you review current statements, but utilizing eStatements also allows you to review past statements and even your annual tax statements. Reduce the amount of time filing and storing paper statements and access them all online.

Save Time

Members who sign up for eStatements through Mobile or Online Banking receive their statement days sooner than those members who receive statements delivered through the mail. Save time each month by reviewing your statement online, at your convenience.

Go Green

Receiving your monthly statements electronically allows you to print only the statements you need. Not only will it save you time each month, but it will reduce the amount of paper you're throwing away. You'll be helping the environment and reducing your trash bill, it's a win-win. 

To start receiving your statements electronically, sign up for eStatements from the “My Contact Information" menu within Mobile or Online Banking using your computer or mobile device. Click here​ to learn more about enrolling in eStatements.

​Must be enrolled in Mobile Banking and/or Online Banking to enroll in eStatements.