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Member Financial Wellbeing Surveys

Our goal as a credit union is to create a better banking experience so every Ohioan can navigate their financial journey and lead better lives. It's our mission to help people through life.

Ninety years ago, Wright-Patt Credit Union (WPCU) was founded on tough economic times. As we face them again, we do so TOGETHER. We want to remind you that we're here to help you, our members. In fact, that's the only reason that WPCU exists.

One way we do this is by listening. As a valued member of WPCU, it's important that your voice is heard. Your insights help us bring value back to you by developing new products, services and resources, making process improvements and ultimately helping grow your credit union. For when we grow, we grow the impact that we make on our members.

In the near future, WPCU will begin sending out Member Financial Wellbeing surveys so we can understand how we can improve for YOU, our members, to help you have the flexibility to weather life's storms and challenges as they arise and the freedom to take advantage of opportunities as they happen too.

It's very important that WPCU continually learns, evolves and improves for you and provides a better banking experience that is easy and convenient.

We want to thank you in advance for taking a few moments to complete the survey and helping shape the future of WPCU!

We will plan to share the results of the surveys with all our members over time. We hope you find this information helpful and exciting. Our credit union is evolving, and you are a crucial piece of that growth.​