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Online Services | Wright-Patt Credit Union

Free, secure access to your accounts from your computer, mobile phone, or tablet — manage your hard-earned money anytime, anywhere.

Your accounts are only a click away, day or night, from your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. A better way to manage your money, free of charge.

To begin using these convenient online services, you must first sign up for Online Banking by clicking here. Or you can stop by any Wright-Patt Member Center or call our Member Help Center at (800) 762-0047. To learn more about Online Banking's best-in-class features visit the Learning Center.

Online Banking

Easy access to your Wright-Patt accounts:

  • View account balances and history
  • Transfer funds between accounts or pay people with Popmoney
  • Pay bills with Online Bill Pay
  • Manage your money using FinanceWorks
  • Activate free Purchase Rewards and get automatic cash back for purchases you make with your debit card
  • Enhanced security using your mobile and/or landline phones to verify your identity
  • Watch a video

Mobile Banking

WPCU's Online Banking is optimized for your mobile phone.

Download the WPCU Mobile App for iPhone and iPad, or Android.
(or login at

  • Mobile Deposit - Click with your finances. Deposit checks fast with your smart phone!
  • Check account balance before making a purchase
  • Transfer funds from one account to another to cover a purchase or loan payment
  • Avoid late fees by making payments to your Wright-Patt loan or paying bills while on the go 
  • Stay on top of your money through text or email notifications about account activity through eAlerts
  • Track spending to stay on budget by viewing your account history
  • Use Text B@nking to get your account balances and history
  • Watch a video


Customize your own text or email reminders about your account activity:

  • Account balance reaches a specified amount
  • Share Certificates or Club Accounts nearing maturity
  • Loan payment due
  • Specified checks have cleared your account
  • Even personal calendar dates such as birthdays and anniversaries
  • Visit the Learning Center to read more

Bill Pay

Simplify your life — no more checks, stamps or envelopes when paying bills:

  • Create a payment to almost anyone you would normally pay by check or automated debit
  • Schedule bills to be paid one time only or on a recurring basis
  • eBill: Start receiving your paper bills through eBill instead of having them sent to your home mailbox
  • Learn more or watch a video

Move Money

WPCU’s Online Banking makes moving money fast, fun and easy!

  • Scheduled Transfers: You can also schedule new one-time and recurring transfers using a variety of payment frequencies
  • External Transfer: You’ll be able to move your money between your deposit accounts at WPCU and 23,000 other financial institutions
  • Popmoney: Send money to other people using email or text
  • Visit the Learning Center to read more


Faster, greener, more secure:

  • Receive your statement days sooner than you would through regular mail
  • Reduce paper waste
  • Statements accessed securely online — no more sitting in your unsecured mailbox at home
  • Login anytime to view your current statement and access archived statements
  • Print the statements you need
  • Visit the Learning Center to read more


Extending the convenience of eAlerts, eNotices automatically notify you through email any time something important happens with your account, including:

  • A transfer was made from overdraft source
  • A check/debit was not paid because of insufficient funds
  • You have a past due loan payment
  • Your account has had a negative balance for 30 days
  • Your Share Certificate or IRA is nearing maturity
  • One of your accounts was closed
  • You have money that will be sent to unclaimed funds if we do not hear from you
  • Your safe deposit box is up for renewal

Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks fast with your smartphone wherever you are! It couldn’t be easier. If you can take a picture, you can make a deposit. 

Mobile Deposit

Download the free WPCU Mobile Banking App today!